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Huawei calls for common international cyber security standards

Voice-over: With scientific and technological development, cyberspace has penetrated into all aspects of our daily life. Cyber security issues have become a severe test facing the whole world. The issues are complicated because there are so many unknown factors and uncertainties in play. What's more, all parties have their own ideas about how to deal with cyber security issues.

John Suffolk:When we look at all of the best practices and guidance and standards, today we still don’t have international agreement on common laws, common standards, and importantly, what does good look like from a cyber security perspective.

Voice-over: This is the current state of cyber security. At the same time, we can think about the dilemma the entire industry is facing.

John Suffolk: It does matter that we are not making enough progress quickly enough, because if you just look forward, say 5 years, the speed of telecommunications will increase by, say 100 times. That will reshape the way people use technology, it’ll reshape the way governments use technology, and if we have not addressed this cyber security challenge, that challenge will be significantly greater than it is today.

Voice-over: Global problems require coordination and cooperation from all parties. Any failure to reach a consensus will become a barrier that hinders enterprises, organizations, and functional departments from making progress in the resolution of cyber security issues.

John Suffolk: I think, from a lack of progress, much of it comes down to this no international agreement on standards, no international agreements on what does good look like. So at Huawei, you know, we have, you know, documented what we do from an end to end process perspective. Not because we believe it’s the answer, but we believe the more we can share as an international community, the more we can coalesce around this good look from a cyber security perspective.

Voice-over: For many carriers, finding suppliers they can trust is a key challenge they need to address.

KPN CSO:My biggest concern as a carrier for cyber security is the protection of my customers’ data. So I would have to say that, of course, I would really prefer it when we know that suppliers have taken appropriate care and due diligence when they are programming, and that code is free of bugs and other common errors and mistakes, and they’ve been very, very diligent along that process, that inspires confidence.

Voice-over: At this time, what we need most is to resolve some practical problems, including innovating technological means and concepts to enhance cyber security.

John Suffolk: the white paper we’ve just published really looks at the end to end approach that we take from a cyber security perspective, so we go from the point that we may have the initial conversation with a customer, right through to when that technology is no longer used, and we say, what is it that every part of Huawei from sales to marketing, to law, has to do to imbed the right response to cyber security? And our approach is quite simple, we use what we call an ABC model, Assume nothing, Believe no one, and Check everything, and you will find those things in every party of Huawei’s processes.

Voice-over: Able people are already on the job. We should be confident that we can tackle cyber security challenges.

John Suffolk: we believe technology is fundamentally changing people’s lives for the better, better social incomes, better health, better education and making the world much smaller. And if we want this innovation to continue, we must all collectively work together to address the cyber security challenges.

John Suffolk: At Huawei, we believe the future of cyber security really is all about international collaboration. It’s about governments and the industry and buyers working together to define what good looks like. We believe the more we can agree international standards, the more we can agree a common approach to verification, the more we’ll collectively drive through the challenges that we all have with cyber security.

Voice-over: Cyber security issues are being resolved. A better world is expected.

KPN CSO: My long term hope for cyber security is that the telecommunications company and cyber security becomes like the electrical company and electricity that’s just something you have already, that you don’t think about it every time you do an online bank transaction, or you call your brother-in-law in Hong Kong, that it’s just something that’s there that you can trust that we’ve imbedded into our security processes, architecture by design, our products and our services, that it’s just something we have by default without having to think too much about. It wasn’t to get us this much time.

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