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Connecting the Dots

Today’s broadband challenges are in effect nothing less than opportunities to create a better world by connecting enterprises, people and devices around our planet.
Huawei is committed to connecting the world. To connect families and friends. To connect all people separated by distance and time. We believe the right technologies at the right time can bring everyone closer together, create new business opportunities, improve operating efficiency, and spur development. Above all else, connectivity lets us share experiences to enrich and improve the lives of everyone.

Bridging the Digital Divide

To sustain communication services and help bridge the digital divide, Huawei focuses its activities on three main elements: technology, funds, and knowledge transfer, which foster mutual support and improvement:

·Decreasing network costs through technological innovations and providing customized solutions to help carriers operate in outlying areas;

·Providing financing solutions for cash-strapped local governments and carriers to develop telecom networks;

·Establishing training centers and launching joint teaching initiatives to develop local talent, transfer knowledge.

Cyber Security

In our White Paper, Making cyber security a part of a company’s DNA - A set of integrated processes, policies and standards, published in October 20131 we detailed our comprehensive approach to end-to-end cyber security processes. We stated that we had taken the opportunity to document the Top 100 things our customers talk to us about in relation to cyber security. In essence, that list includes some of the questions anyone may wish to ask their technology vendors when it comes to their approach to cyber security. This White Paper details that Top 100. It is a list that focuses on what buyers of technology should ask their technology vendors.

The purpose is to provide suggestions based on questions posed to Huawei and our assessment of a range of“standards” and best practice so that buyers can systematically analyse vendor cyber security capability when asking for or responding to tenders.

Substantial progress on cyber security cooperation has been made worldwide over the past year. However, an international agreement on best practices, guidance, and best standards on cyber security has not been...
Cyber security John

Broader Way

At the beginning of this century, the United Nations (UN) stated at its Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Summit that like transportation, water, and electricity, broadband networks play a critical role in the development of the global economy and society.

Today, broadband provides an important means to support social services such as healthcare, education, commerce, trade, and government services. In addition, broadband has remarkably boosted economic growth. Broadband development status has become an important indicator of national competitiveness. Huawei has been commissioned to construct national broadband networks in eight countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Qatar, and the UK. Huawei has deployed over 5 million lines in terms of network coverage. With a full range of advanced end-to-end products and solutions as well as leading professional service experience, Huawei is leading the world to a Broader Way of national broadband network construction.

"Broader Way", brighter future.



Panelists shared their opinions about the customer broadband requirement, the development of application, cost of broadband construction, government allowance in rural area, construction collaboration, and the broadband impact to Irish national competitiveness.