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Huawei Wins Femtocell Design and Technology Innovation Award at 2010 Femtocell World Summit
Jun 28, 2010 00:00

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Huawei Wins Femtocell Design and Technology Innovation Award at 2010 Femtocell World Summit

[London, UK, 28 June, 2010] Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, announced that its Home Media Centre device won the "Residential Femtocell Access Point Design and Technology Innovation Award" at the 2010 Femtocell World Summit in London. The Femtocell Industry Awards are organized by the Femto Forum to recognize outstanding contributions to the industry during the past year.

Huawei' s Home Media Center is an integrated product comprising a 3G Femtocell chipset with a media processing unit. With 3G Femto network coverage, multiple household digital appliances such as TVs, PCs, and mobile phones, can be connected through a shared media centre. The Home Media Centre enables subscribers to watch TV together via PC/TV or mobile phones, and offers multimedia services such as home monitoring, community entertainment, and remote control of devices and in-home surveillance.

Huawei' s portable Home Media Center, which is designed for easy installation and plug-and-play, also serves as an access point for 3G mobile network. The output power is 20mW and can support up to 4 people simultaneously using high speed applications.

In addition to offering indoor access points for enhanced mobile voice and data services, the Home Media Centre also adds value to operators and subscribers via lower service costs and fixed-mobile convergence capability and profitability.

Huawei' s Femtocell-enabled Home Media Centre

"The residential market for femtocells is clearly the driver for attaining mass-market volumes, enabling improved coverage, data offload and new service opportunities. In order to gain traction and consumer acceptance, there need to be persuasive reasons for purchase - and also value-added features to protect against future churn. Huawei's Home Media Center includes a broad set of audiovisual capabilities such as video storage, on top of the femto module, which can help it attain a permanent role in a subscriber's home." William Webb, Director of Technology Resources, Ofcom, on behalf of the judging panel, commented.

Pablo Brito, Vice Director of EU Wireless Marketing, Huawei, said:" Huawei' s cutting-edge Femtocell and macro base station combine to manage the challenge of capacity and coverage of mobile broadband which can effectively assist operators to deploy multi-layer coverage mobile broadband and to achieve business success. "

Huawei' s Femtocell solutions have previously won awards in design, service and technical innovation. In 2009, Huawei' s Femtocell won Germany' s prestigious iF Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the "Indoor Residential Services Innovation Award" for Singapore's StarHub Femtocell project at the 2009 Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards.

As of 2010 Q1, Huawei has deployed 40 Femtocell networks, 10 of which are commercial contracts, with leading telecom operators including Vodafone Greene, Telefónica Spain, TMO Germany, SingTel Singapore, Optimus Portugal and China Unicom.

About the Femto Forum

The Femto Forum is the most important organization in the Femtocell industry; its strategic goal is global recognition of Femto technologies as the de facto solution for mobile coverage in the home and to drive worldwide take-up of such technologies.

The Femto Forum focus on two main areas of activity:

  • Standardisation, regulation & interoperability - The Femto Forum supports and drives forward the adoption of industry wide standards, regulatory enablers, common architectures and interoperability to enable the widespread adoption and deployment of Femtocells by telecom operators around the world.
  • Marketing & promotion - The Femto Forum directs and implements a multi-faceted campaign to raise the profile, drive technology development & deployment and to promote the potential of Femto solutions across the industry and to journalists, analysts, regulators, special interest groups and standards bodies.

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