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Huawei and Telecom Egypt Co-inaugurate IN project in Egypt
Nov 01, 2003 00:00

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Huawei and Telecom Egypt Co-inaugurate IN project in Egypt

(1 November 2003) Cairo, Egypt -- Huawei Technologies, the global provider of telecoms infrastructure and solutions, recently joins hands with Telecom Egypt to inaugurate the deployment of an Intelligent Network project in Egypt.

This project enables TE to deliver a series of new value-added services to its end-users, like PPS (PrePaid service)、NP(Number Portability)、PPT(PrePaid Telephone ) 、IPT(Intelligent Public Telephone) services, on TE's new IN platform.

At the opening ceremony, titled as Future and Profit Going Together, Huawei made a series of live demonstrations on the above-mentioned services, to over a hundred guests who have been invited to witness this event. Dr. Tarek Kamel, the senior advisor to the minister on behalf of H.E Dr. Ahmed Nazif the minister of communication and information technology of Egypt, made the 1st intelligent public call. He said, ' it is not only a success in the project cooperation, but significantly also a wonderful beginning of the two countries in telecom field.'

'Huawei had shown his powerful solutions, faster response and customization ability for the services. Huawei's new IN platform will upgrade Telecom Egypt to provide newer and richer services in the Egyptian market such as Family card, Number Portability, Intelligent Public Telephone, etc.' says Mr. Akil Beshir, the Chairman of Telecom Egypt.

'Huawei had established good partnership with Telecom Egypt in many Telecom projects,Such as switching system, access network, intelligent network and Optical transmission, etc.'Kevin Tao, Huawei's senior vice president, who oversees Huawei's international marketing, says Huawei's international sales in the first nine months of this year had nearly doubled compared with the same period of last yearand Huawei is expecting its international sales to reach 1 billion US dollars in 2003 . He also mentioned that TE's IN project is the first and largest IN platform in Egypt, supporting 2 million subscribers nationwide, providing multiple advanced intelligent services to one of the most important markets in the Middle East region.

About Telecom Egypt

Telecom Egypt, (Arento in the past), was established in 1918 as the Egyptian Telegraph and Telephone Administrator. Since that time a great progress in Telecommunication Networks has been achieved, and within the last two decades, Telecom Egypt adopted an ambitious plan to review and develop the switching and transmission network facilities. Now Telecom Egypt has around 10 Million fixed lines all over Egypt.

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