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Algerie Telecom Selects Huawei to Build Its 1900MHz CDMA2000 WLL System in Algeria
Mar 19, 2004 00:00

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Algerie Telecom Selects Huawei to Build Its 1900MHz CDMA2000 WLL System in Algeria

(19 March 2004) Algiers, Algeria -- Huawei Technologies, a global supplier of telecom infrastructure, today announced the company has been selected by Algerie Telecom, the biggest operator in Algeria, as the strategic partner to construct its CDMA2000 1X WLL network.

Under the contract of over 30 million USD, Huawei will provide Algerie Telecom with the complete 1900MHz CDMA WLL system, which is based on the most advanced CDMA2000 1X RTT technology. This system will smoothly merge into the existing PSTN network. Besides the existing PSTN services, high speed data services up to 153.6kbps will be provided to boost the network value of Algerie Telecom. Based on Huawei's advanced 3G platform, this system can be smoothly evolved to support 1xEV-DO. This ensures the strong ability of service provisioning and future development of Algerie Telecom.

This system will be deployed in the north-east of Algeria, which is a famous traveling and industrial region. This system will increase the capacity of the existing PSTN network in the region by 30%. As a result, the vast requirements on telecommunication services will be fulfilled.

'We are convinced of Huawei's strength of technology, and satisfied with our more and more tight cooperation,' said Mr. CHETTIH, President - Director General of Algerie Telecom. 'We believe Huawei will also do an excellent job in the CDMA WLL project.'

Huawei thinks highly of the long-term cooperation with Algerie Telecom,' said Ding Saohua, VP of Huawei Technologies and President of Huawei Middle East & North Africa. 'As a reliable partner, Huawei will continue to offer the cost-effective and tailor-made solutions, as well as prompt and professional service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers,'he added.

As a professional supplier in the fixed wireless access field, Huawei has successfully delivered its CDMA2000 WLL system in many countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa Region, including Algeria and Yemen. Its CDMA business in other regions of the world also grows very rapidly. Until now, Huawei's CDMA2000 end-to-end solutions have been widely deployed in over 30 countries.

About Algerie Telecom

Algerie Telecom is the biggest telecommunication operator in Algeria, with the PSTN network, GSM network, Transmission network, Data network, covers all the territory of Algeria. For more information please visit

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