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Huawei Expands DIGITEL's GSM Network
Apr 28, 2006 09:47

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Huawei Expands DIGITEL's GSM Network

[Manila, Philippines -- 28 Apr 2006] Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Huawei"),a leader in providing next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, today announced the signing of a GSM network expansion contract with DIGITEL MOBILE PHILIPPINES INC. ("DIGITEL"), the third largest GSM mobile operator in the Philippines. As part of the contract, Huawei will expand DIGITEL's mobile network with its large-scale base transceiver stations (BTS), which will allow DIGITEL to offer better and faster voice, mobile and data services to its subscribers.

Huawei's EnerG solution incorporates 3G technologies, which helps operators to greatly reduce OPEX and CAPEX. Huawei's GSM BTS will be deployed to cover the whole Manila city in the Philippines, helping to improve the congested mobile traffic and enhancing greater indoor coverage in the densely populated city. With excellent network performance, DIGITEL's expanded network will allow it to generate quicker subscriber growth.

Commenting on the current GSM network constructed by Huawei, Mr. John Joey T. Terrenal, Senior Vice-President of DIGITEL, said, "The GSM network implemented by Huawei has been running well since 2005. We are fully satisfied with Huawei's solutions, products and after-sales services."

"This contract marks the continuity of a long-term partnership between DIGITEL and Huawei, and we look forward to an even closer partnership with DIGITEL in the long run," said Mr. Liu Jiangfeng, Vice President of Huawei Asia Pacific Region. "With our vision to enrich people's life through communications, Huawei is committed to bringing excellent services and innovative technologies to the Philippines market through our partnership with DIGITEL."

As a result of Huawei's continued investment and innovation in GSM, Huawei's GSM solutions have been adopted by telecom operators in over 60 countries, serving more than 100 million subscribers across the globe, with total port shipments of 80 million mobile softswitch. Huawei's dual-density BTS features both high density and receiving sensitivity capabilities, and is well regarded by GSM operators globally. To date, Huawei has deployed over 500,000 TRXs for GSM BTS worldwide, having accumulated abundant experience in the construction of large-scale and densely populated area networking.


As the third-largest mobile operator and the second-largest fixed network operator in the Philippines, DMPI offers local voice services, mobile services, data communications, and Internet services.

Held by JG SUMMIT,DIGITEL is one of the few outstanding family enterprises in the Philippines. In April 2005, after a lengthy evaluation of Huawei's technical proposal and its service and delivery capabilities, DIGITEL awarded Huawei a major GSM contract to redeploy 600 BTS in the capital area and to construct the first 3G-oriented mobile softswitch network in the Philippines. The network is now near completion.

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